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  Davans in Spanish

Jaap's Links to other puzzle pages

There are many puzzle pages about. Many of my pages have links to sites relevant to that particular puzzle. On this page I have drawn together the most important of them, together with some more general links, in no particular order. Some links belong in several sections and so are included more than once.

Pages which are in BOLD, have a link back to these pages.

Official Puzzle Homepages
Other places to buy puzzles
Solution pages
Speed cubing
Blindfold cubing
Cube Theory
Cube Art
Puzzle modification/building
Pages with programs to download
Pages with scripts or Java programs
Message boards
Musea, galleries and collections
Other neat permutation puzzle pages that are worth a mention
Pages that are not mainly about permutation puzzles
Favourite unrelated links




Official Puzzle Homepages:
Meffert's puzzles Uwe Meffert's homepage. He produces and sells many puzzles, including Pyraminx, Megaminx, Pyramorphix, Skewb, Orbix and others. This site also has solutions for some.
Rubik's homepage. The official homepage sells Rubik's puzzles and has links to several cube solutions on the web.
Tantrix homepage is very nice as it has Java puzzles, and allows you to play in the online Tantrix game tournaments.
Cmetrick by elogIQ. My Cmetrick script is also on their page. Requires Flash, so click here for a their puzzles page.
Clever Toys make wooden puzzles such as the Butterfly puzzle and many others.
Crossteaser homepage. Requires Flash, so click here for their main page.
ThinkFun homepage, the new name of the Binary Arts, the makers of such puzzles as Topspin, Turnstile, Spinout, Nineball, Port to Port and others.
Masterball homepage. You can buy a masterball here. It also has a solution for the rainbow masterball.
Hockeypuck homepage. This only shows the different styles available.
Tiger Toys, the manufacturers of many electronic games including Lights Out. A subsidiary of Hasbro.
Mag-Nif, the manufacturer of The Brain, Saturn and other puzzles.
The Brainball homepage is in German, but has move sequences and puzzles.

Other places to buy puzzles:
Ebay is a large online auction site. To search for Rubik's puzzles, then click here.
Hendrik Haak's Shop. Excellent range of puzzles to buy, and an amazing museum too. Based in Germany.
Kadon Enterprises Inc. sells Instant Insanity, make and sell polyominoes and many other neat puzzles.
PuzzleMan (Viktor Genel) has lots of beautifully well-made wooden assembly/disassembly puzzles for sale, as well as a shareware puzzle game to download.
PuckPuzzles is a site that sells many types of Hockey Puck puzzles.
PuzzleAtomic is Douglas Engel's site, where he sells many different types of circle puzzle.
Arabesk sell many puzzles and interesting or amusing playthings.
Bits and Pieces sell many puzzles. No Rubik-type puzzles though, but lots of others such as puzzle rings and disassembly puzzles.
PottyPuzzles sells many of the wooden assembly puzzles by Trench Puzzles here.
Puzzles Down Under sells many kinds of puzzles. One of the few sources for Chromoballs.
Math 'n' Stuff sells mostly maths teaching aids, but also some games and puzzles.

Solution pages:
Courtney McFarren's Site has solutions to the cube, skewb, square 1, Rubik's Magic (both sizes) amongst others, and lots of other interesting and funny stuff.
Jasmine's Page of Stuff has a very good beginner's solution to the Rubik's cube.
RubiksCube.Info by Josef Jelinek contains corners first solving algorithms. Also has pictures of Hana Bizek's cube art. This site supercedes their old site even though that is still online.
Twisty Puzzles has a 3x3x3 cube solution here which explains a method to solve middle layer edges together with the top layer corners in pairs. This page also has a highly recommended message forum.
Chris Hardwick's Page. This page has solutions for the cube and the Rubik's Revenge. There is also The Unofficial World Records Page here where you can log your best times.
World of Rubik's by Bruno Jarno. A French page, which has a bit of just about everything about the Rubik's cube.
Christophe Goudey's Cube Page has lots of fascinating stuff about the cube, and an excellent links page.
Dennis Palaganas' page has solutions for Alexander's Star, Turnstile, Rubik's Revenge, 5x5x5 Cube, and Skewb.
Juergen Koeller's page. A solution to the cube and rubik's magic amongst many other things, also available in German.
Cyril Castella's page. A French solution to the cube, domino, square-1 and more.
Elías Hernández Capdevila's page is in Spanish, and has solutions to Square 1 and the 5x5x5 cube.
Bigcubes has solutions for big cubes, i.e. the 4×4×4 and 5×5×5.
François Aime's website is in French but shows a clear graphical layer solution to the cube.
Cubic Puzzles - The SIMPLEST Solutions. A text based page with solutions for the Skewb, Pyraminx, NxNxN Cubes, Megaminx, Octahedron and Rubik's Clock.
Denny Dedmore's solutions for various cube sizes. Now that Denny has stopped, these pages are being hosted by Georges Helm.
Philip Marshall's Cube Page has a solutions for size 2, 3, 4 and 5 cubes, as well as the megaminx. His cube solution solves edges first, and then the corners and is relatively simple.
Matthew Monroe's page. Nice illustrated solutions for cube, professor's cube, square-one and Pyraminx.
PuzzleSolver by Jake Olefsky has nice solutions for the cube, minicube, the pyraminx, and the Brain. Also has neat impossible objects, and a message board
Anzu's Puzzle Solution Page has solutions to the pyraminx and all cube sizes.
Jacob Davenport's page. He has a text based 5x5x5 cube solution here.
Chris Eggermont's Twisted Mind Games. The highlights of this page are the solution to Rubik's Magic Master Edition, and the pages on how to get the Square-1 Puzzle into cube shape.
Luciani's Page is a nice looking French site with a solution.
Steve Martin's page has a solution to Nintendo's Ten Billion Barrel puzzle.
Nerd Paradise has solutions for the Cube, Pyraminx, Square-1, and lots of other stuff too.
Ryan Kagin's "How to solve the cube" has a layer solution.
R. Hoffman's site has a one-page solution.
Ronald Bieber's page is in German, and has a cube solution of the layer type, and also a Rubik's Magic page.
Cubo Magico, a Spanish page with a corners first solution of the cube.
Another Spanish cube solution.
Yet another Spanish cube site.
Adam's World has a Skewb solution here.
Mark Jeays' page has a simple solution, and answers to many common questions.

Speed solving:
Speedsolving Rubik's Cube Club. A message board, part of Yahoo's GroupsS. has good lists of sequences for speedsolving the cube, similar to Jiri's, and a Java program that can searches for useful sequences. The site also hosts the sites of Chris Hardwick (which has speedcubing videos and links) and Ton Dennenbroek.
Peter Jansen's speedcubing page also has many extremely good speedcubing move sequences, some with video. Now hosted by
Lars Petrus' site. A great set of pages that show you how to solve the cube fast without having to memorise 100 sequences. Also available in Italian.
Jessica Fridrich's page. A very fast layer algorithm for the cube.
Gilles Roux's page has a very different speedcubing method, and some fun video's on his site.
Dan Knights' page. Speed cubing with video's, lubrication, avoiding injury, blindfold cubing, amusing quotes.
Jon (NascarJon) Morris's site has Java applets showing all move sequences for a quick layer method.
Planet Puzzle by Katsuyuki Konishi (Japanese).
Dan's Cube Station also hosts the Fewest Moves Challenge.
Cubefreak by Shotaro "Macky" Makisumi, a very talented young speedcuber.
Stephan Pochmann has a Rubik's Clock speed-solving page.
Lars Vandenbergh's site has a Square-1 speed-solving page.
Acubist is a speed-skewbing site.
Stiff_hands' website is all about speedcubing, blindfold cubing, and lots more.
Jess Bonde's site has videos of various people speedsolving the cube as well as videos of good move sequences and a cube timer that gives random positions to solve and calculates average time.
Bernard Helmtetter's page has all possible top layer algorithms you may ever need.
Adam Cheyer's Cube Solution is optimised for visual speed.
The Rokumentai is by Masayuki Akimoto, who has an unusual but fast method for the larger cubes.
Zbigniew Zborowski's page shows his method where the last layer edges are oriented when the last corner/edge pair is placed in the first two layers.
Ryan Heise's site shows another original method.
Doug Li's site is not finished but looks very promising.
Andy Camann's site has some great speedcubing tips.
Justin Vining's site has video's of many moves for the last layer.

Blindfold solving:
Richard Carr's page is all about his blindfold cubing techniques.
Grant Tregay's page has one walk-through of a blindfold solve, and various solving video's.
Stiff_hands' website has a great blindfold cubing section.

Cube Theory:
Prof. David Joyner's Homepage. His section on permutation puzzles has a lot of interesting maths, but much of it is too complicated for the non-mathematician.
Cube-Lovers Archive. The original archive at MIT died, but it has now been preserved here.
Martin Schoenert's page has the cube-lovers archive in html form, though only 1980-1996.
Mark Longridge's Domain of the Cube has a few good text pages with cube theory, a large list of patterns, and a neat selection of links.
How to Solve Almost Any Rubik-like Puzzle. A short explanation of the concepts of conjugation and commutation.
Glenn Rhoads' Fun Page. Has lots of fun stuff, including a few for the cube including Solve ANY Rubik's type puzzle, a very short text explaining a general algorithm to solve many puzzles.
Introduction to Group Theory ends with a section on the Rubik's cube.
Peter Suber's page about the 'inductive game', i.e. exactly undoing as many random moves as possible.
Oskar Enoksson's page has an article here about Golombs observation that the cube corner twist is like quarks in particle physics.
Jesper Gerved's page shows his letter to David Singmaster in which he lists the orders of all the elements of the cube group.
The wikipedia has an entry on the Rubik's Cube.
Charles Tsai analyses an unusual way to solve the cube which he hoped would use few moves.
Ryan Heise developed an unusual way to solve the cube based on Thistlethwaite's algorithm.

Cube Art:
Kristin Wunderlich and Jacob Davenport's page has some wonderful cube art here. It has a few patterns on a single 5x5x5 cube, and many mosaic patterns using a large array of cubes. Kristin also makes cubes with other designs here.
Hana Bizek's pages have pictures of her cube art. These are mainly large cubes made from many smaller ones. This is part of the RubiksCube.Info site.
Zarf's Page also has cubes with different designs here.
Philip K's Puzzle Page has cubes with Escher designs.
Fred Holly's Cube designs are mozaics made from regular Rubik's cubes.

Puzzle modification/building:
Ton Dennenbroek's page shows many puzzle mods in various stages of construction.
Twisty Puzzles has several articles dealing with building puzzles from plastic resin. This page also has a highly recommended message forum.
Mark Longridge's Domain of the Cube shows some of his puzzle building efforts on his prototypes page.
3D puzzle reconstruction studio (Japanese). Katsuhiko Okamoto designs, builds and sells many new puzzles. Expensive, but worth it for such quality.
Jin "Time Traveller" Kim's page has a small section on puzzle building.

Pages with programs to download:
Cube Explorer Page. This program by Herbert Kociemba produces move sequences for any cube pattern. It finds a reasonably short sequence in about two seconds, and given a few more minutes will nearly always produce a sequence of less than 20 moves.
GabbaSoft has a very nice Rubik's Cube simulation, with cubes of any size up to 20×20×20.
Mike Reid's optimal solver can do a very fast and deep search for solutions (uncompiled C source only).
PuzzleMan (Viktor Genel) has a fascinating shareware puzzle game to download, like a cross between a sliding puzzle and Rubik's Magic.
Jozef Jelinek's site has a program that searches for optimal solutions, with the possibility of ignoring parts of the cube.
Cyril Castella's Genetic Cube Solver, solves the cube using a genetic algorithm. It is slow, but this program is a remarkable achievement.
Puzzler by Noel Dillabough is a great Windows program that simulates many puzzles.
Superliminal has an excellent simulation of a 4-d rubik's cube, i.e. a 3x3x3x3 cube.
Larry's Cube Corner gives us the excellent Hungarian HexaHedron simulator.
Cellosoft have a Rubik's Rings game for Windows. Looks nice, but it requires a Pentium and 2Mb disk space which is a bit much for such a simple game.
Japanese page, with a megaminx program amongst others.
Ishihama Yoshiaki's page, has lots of puzzles and simulations.
Ken Silverman (programmer of Duke3D fame) also once wrote a cube simulator. It does any size, and recently a solver by Ben Jos Walbeehm has been added.
Gliding Cube is a rubik's cube where each loop of 12 tiles can slide around like the Equator puzzle. Trial version available.
Tom Davis has a nice cube simulation with solver and macro facility, for use in group theory.
RubikSim is an open source 3D Rubik's Cube Simulator which uses OpenGL.
2x2x2 Cube Solver, for Windows, simply has a 20Mb database with all the solutions.
Cube Solver, a Windows program that solves the cube step by step using a layer method.
3d Cube program for windows, by Mohaemen Giali.

Pages with scripts or Java programs:
Karl Hornell's Rubik Unbound. The most used Java cube on the net, and it has become the standard on which others are judged. With source.
AnimCube by Jozef Jelinek is for displaying move sequences. With source.
Dan Knights' Java cube is now on the official Rubik's homepage. It is a beautiful 3x3x3 cube with edit and playback facility. Unfortunately the built-in solver is disabled - you are expected to pay for it!
Ron's Cube Solver from can search for useful sequences, using only some moves or ignoring some pieces.
Wendel Randelshofer's site has a Java cube which can not only turn, but also 'explode' to show the inside. There is also Cube Twister, a neat cube analysis program, many pretty patterns and more.
Mark Sunter-Storey's site has a several Java puzzles, including a Cube, Tricky Disky, and others.
Ganpuzzle has a Java games for various Rubik's Cubes, Square-1, and Nineball.
Jess Bonde's page has a cube timer that gives random positions to solve and calculates average time.
4D Cube by Don Hatch is a java applet version of Superliminal's 3x3x3x3 cube.
Raymond Penner's Page. There are neat Java programs here for Rubik's Fifteen and Rubik's Clock amongst others.
Wedran's cube solver. It allows you to edit a cube and then it shows you the moves to solve it, using a corners first method of about 120 moves on average.
David Byrden's Twisty puzzles. A page with Java versions of many puzzles, including all platonic solids.
Rob's Rubix Repair. An interesting page which solves the cube for you. It works on all browsers that support tables with coloured cells, there is no need for Java. Unfortunately it uses a lot of moves to solve it. With source.
Michael Schubart's cube. 3x3x3 cube with views of other faces. With source.
David Barr's applet. Any cube size. Cube shown in a way that takes some getting used to.
Yuh-Jye (Michael) Chang's cube. Any cube size. Built-in solver just undoes previous moves.
Bob Breid's page has a Javascript Rubik's Cube.
Ishihama Yoshiaki's page, has lots of Java puzzles and simulations here, amongst which a 4d rubik's cube, and several very original 3d puzzles.
Crépeau-Nguyen's ultimate solver. Java programs that look up God's algorithm for the pocket cube, domino, pyraminx and all skewb puzzles.
CheesyGames has many neat Java games and puzzles. has several Javascript games, including a version of Rotos here.
AardAsNails Solftware has a Java cube, pyraminx, and dino cube.
EvilTron has a beautiful Rubik's cube in Flash. It is 1.5 Mb, but well worth the wait. Plays a neat song if you solve it.

Message boards:
Speedsolving Rubik's Cube Club. Highly active speedcubing club founded by Chris Hardwick. Part of Yahoo's Groups.
Twisty Puzzles forum. Excellent forum, with a good community.
Cube Lovers forum. Discussions on the mathematics of the cube.
RubiKlub is a French message board founded by Bruno Jarno. Part of Yahoo France Groups.
Deutscher Speedcubing Club is a German speedcubing message board. Part of Yahoo Germany Groups.
PuzzleSolver's message board.

Musea, galleries and collections:
Hendrik Haak's Puzzle Museum. Large number of fascinating puzzles, many of which I would love to have in my collection., formerly the Virtual Puzzle Museum, shows a huge number of different versions of the cube and other puzzles.
Ton Dennenbroek's site shows not only his puzzle modifications, but also his huge collection.
Passion for Puzzles (formerly PuzzlePassion) by Marcel van Leeuwen is a very nice looking site with a small but interesting collection.
Alvaro Ibanez's puzzle collection, with his solving times. In Spanish.
Planet Puzzle by Katsuyuki Konishi (Japanese).
Joshua Bell's collection
Cubomania, Bruno's collection.
Milan Vodicka's site shows his varied puzzle collection.
Rob Stegmann has a varied puzzle gallery neatly categorised.
Juan Roure is a Spanish collector and speedsolver.
Laurent Blanc's site shows a large collection
Raoul Raba's homepage, contains images of his first Rotascope patent and of many of his designs.
Kevin Moore's page, has a nice page with pictures and descriptions of various puzzles.
Maarten Vermaak's page has descriptions and pictures of all Rubik's puzzles, even the rare ones, as well as many others.
Machan's site (Japanese) with pictures of various puzzles, but actually most notable for the neat hit counter.
Kar Watanabe's pages (Japanese) with a picture gallery.
Japanese site with many pictures of puzzles and their packaging.
Peter Knoppers' Puzzle Collection consists mostly of assembly puzzles.
Chosi's homepage has a huge and very varied collection.
Thomas' site has pictures of a good variety of puzzles. In German.
Don Harper's site has many pictures of cubes.
Das Puzzleum (German) is a museum with all kinds of puzzles.
Casses-têtes en folie (French) has a large gallery of puzzles of many kinds.

Other neat permutation puzzle pages that are worth a mention:
Gilles Roux's page has many amusing videos featuring the cube.
Joshua Bell's page has a very interesting info on the patents of puzzles like the Rubik's Cube.
Mike Reid's page has a lot of rubik's cube information and links.
Matthew Baker's Lights Out page has lots of good info about the Lights Out game and its variants, including the cube version.
Cubism For Fun is the newsletter of the Dutch Cube Club (NKC), which is still going strong after more than 20 years.
Georges Helm's Page. Has a list of cube literature, resources, and links.
Rubik's Cube World Records lists some amazing world records.
Gaétan Guimond's page is in French (and some English), and shows his TV exploits as well as his corners first solving method.
J. Brown's Page describes a robot to solve the cube made from Lego MindStorms.
Jin "Time Traveller" Kim's page has the Puzzle FAQ, now in version 9.
Hong Chen's Page has pictures and video of the cube and of a puzzleball.
Javier Santos' page. A Spanish page with some interesting puzzles, including a solution to Rubik's Magic.
Miroslav Kolar's page is all about the Tower of Hanoi. Has a large number of links, and lots of different algorithms and source codes for solving it.
Chris Lohe's page shows the very difficult Labyrinth cube, a Rubik's Cube variation.

Pages that are not mainly about permutation movement puzzles:
Puzzle World, by John Rausch, is the portal site for assembly/disassembly puzzles as well as sliding piece puzzles. Also has Stewart Coffin's books available to download.
PuzzleMan has lots of wooden assembly/disassembly puzzles for sale.
Creative Puzzles a neat page that hosts the alt.brain.teasers archive and has Java games too.
Juergen Koeller's page has lots of fun stuff besides some Rubik's pages, much of it in German and English.
ClickMazes has an excellent set of Java puzzles, all of them mazes in the most general sense of the word.
The Puzzle Museum has other types of mechanical puzzles as well.
The rec.puzzles archives maintained by Arlet Otten.
Ed Pegg's Mathpuzzle page has lots of difficult but often fascinating mathematical puzzles.
Ken Duisenberg's Puzzle of the Week has hard mathematical puzzles, with an archive of all the previous weekly puzzles.
rec.puzzles UseNet group.
Pentomino site by a school that uses them for teaching, and includes regular competitions.

Favourite unrelated links:
sci.math UseNet group.
Sloane's On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences includes the "God's Algorithm" sequences I calculated.
Mathematical surfaces built from Lego.
Pedagoguery Software has some neat programs, including a gorgeous polyhedron viewer.
Apothecary's Corner, by Ray Girvan, has a fascinating collection of weird and wonderful links.
Slashdot, News for Nerds, Stuff that matters.
Need to Know, *the* weekly high-tech sarcastic update for the uk.
The Register. Biting the hand that feeds IT.
Groklaw, technology and the law.
Dilbert daily office cartoon.
Bob the Angry Flower weekly cartoon.
Penny Arcade regular cartoon.
Justin B. Rye's site about SF Xenolinguistics, SF chronophysics, Esperanto, Star Trek, and more.
Kartoo is a (meta)search engine with a neat graphical display of connected results.




Fellow New Englander Rob Stegmann's Collection (500+)

Sandy's Rubik's-type Puzzle Collection

Matti Linkola from Finland (600+)

Chris's Puzzleboxes (IPP member)

John's Kumiki Burr Collection

Keychain Puzzle Collection

Peter Knoppers' Collection

Chosi's Collection (600+)

Anselmo's Space Cubes

Eric's Collection

Martin Watson

Puzzle Locks

CGN Puzzles

My Puzzle




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